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How to Carve Fish Decoys

A beautiful form of art, the fish decoy can be both visually appealing and functionally sound. Generally made from cedar wood or other light wood that won’t crack or shrink when wet, catch and release fishermen prefer these to traditional hooks because they believe it won’t hurt the fish. Required Materials/Tools Some fish carving patterns […]

How to Carve a Wooden Pipe

Since ancient times, the wood pipe has been used by everyone from peasants to kings, pioneer to chief. They have been used to smoke a variety of materials. Having been around since before rolled cigarettes, the pipe gives off an aura of sophistication and wealth. Today you can buy them from your local tobacco shop, […]

How to Crochet

Crochet is an art, similar to knitting, and similarly to knitting, can be performed in many different ways (i.e. different stitches). Crochet, is however, different to knitting as you will be crafting your warm, woollen pieces with a single hooked-shape needle (as opposed to two, or more, straight needles) and you will only have a […]