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How to Screen Print

Screen printing has been around since ancient China. It’s been used to print on various items such as CDs, t-shirts, metal, wood, billboards, magazines, and various others. Today we will go over how to create a screen printed t-shirt. With a little imagination, some minor cannibalization (not that kind), and some minor saturation, we can […]

How to Stitch a Shirt

Making your own clothes, for example stitching a shirt, is an exciting and worthwhile hobby, and in today’s financial crisis can be quite a useful skill to have that could even be turned into a successful small business. Shirts are a popular item to make because they can be so expensive to buy, but with […]

How to Carve Bone

Many cultures around the world have used bone in their quest to becoming a higher and more sophisticated society. You can trace back the art of carving bones to the early Stone Age as bones were used as tools, jewelry, weapons, needles, and other various devices like boxes and figurines. Bone carvings can be valued […]