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How to Clean Fuel Injectors

It’s great to feel the speed of a high performance car under your control. If you are a huge car nut, then typical car maintenance is something you should learn. Not only will it give you a better appreciation of your car, but save you a few dollars as well; which you can put towards […]

How to Sell Your Car

We all have dealt with it before, or will deal with it soon: selling our car. We can take our car to the car dealer, but they will take a huge percentage off for themselves. Selling your car on your own will take some time and research to get it sold, but it will be […]

How to Change Drum Brakes

If you have an old car, you know the best way to keep it running smoothly is by repetitive maintenance. Drum brakes are found in older model cars and are a cheaper alternative to replace them instead of upgrading to newer brake systems. Changing the brakes is fairly simple, and here’s what we do: Required […]