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How to Build a Column Footing

Back in ancient Greece, the column was the pinnacle of stature. The wealthy adorned their houses in them. They were made out of marble, granite, and other soft rocks. What held these monoliths was the “footing”. Without the footing of the column, the weight would press through the floor and topple the building. Creating a […]

How to Build a Log Cabin

Log cabins have definitely made a comeback in today’s energy-aware world. Any design is possible and the project is easy for an experienced do-it-yourself person. The basics are simple, and the finishing touches can be left to your imagination. Required Materials/Tools Logs 2×4″ stock Insulation material Spikes Chainsaw Grabbers Sledge hammer Nails and screws Pry […]

How to Build a Seesaw

A seesaw is a great, fun project to create for your child. You can place seesaws in relatively small spaces and set them up pretty quickly. Your children will have many fond memories of playing with the seesaw! Required Materials/Tools Metal tubing or 2×8″ stock and post stock 10+’ metal perforated strap Bolts Spirit Level […]