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How to Build a Ramp

When going to a home that has a set of steps, you don’t think of the difficulty it may be for some to climb up. A ramp is a simple alternative to stairs, and even created to be attached to stairs temporarily. You can find some easy designs for ramps at your local home improvement […]

How to Build a Pole Barn

Pole barns have been around for centuries, mainly finding use for storing grain and livestock. Solid construction is required to protect against ice, snow, wind and rain. They are often used because of the low cost and ease of repair. When researching the design of your pole barn, you’ll find a variety of wooden and […]

How to Build a Spa Deck

A spa deck is usually placed in the backyard to add a nice relaxing area and give you a place to hold gatherings. Make sure the materials will be able to hold the weight of the water and the spa itself. When getting everything together, don’t forget that you are building a spa as well […]