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How to Write a Business Letter

Beginning a career means producing effective written communication on a daily basis. Even college students need to write pieces of professional communication whether it may be internship applications, job applications, resumes, faxes and emails to professors. Even though most letters, memos, emails, and faxes are short pieces of writing, they still require careful prewriting and […]

Insurance Every Entrepreneur Should Have

For entrepreneurs, one of their main goals should be to protect their business. Therefore, it is essential to have business insurance in order to keep a business running, if unfortunate circumstances should arise. With today‚Äôs rough economy, some business owners make the mistake of trying to save some money by eliminating property, liability, health, and […]

How to Find a Small Business Loan

Whether starting out on a new business venture, or trying to keep a business afloat, the issue of how to obtain a small business loan is a very real for many people. It takes serious work to not just find a small business loan, but to obtain one. The chances of success are highly dependent […]