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How to Unlock MySpace

Are you having problems accessing MySpace on a public or work computer? Have no fear, there is a simple and easy way to unlock and access your favorite social website. In a few short steps, you’ll be surfing MySpace profiles and band pages in no time. Many public and work computers use a filtering system […]

How to Start in Safe Mode

Many virus headaches and spyware programs cannot be fully removed until you enter Window’s Safe Mode. When you enter Safe Mode, Windows will only run necessary programs, allowing you to effectively clean up computer nightmares. If you’ve never entered Safe Mode before, follow these instructions: Windows Vista Turn off your computer. Wait a short while, […]

How to Buy a Computer

If you’re like most people, it probably has been several years since you last bought a new personal computer. Before you wear yourself out looking at different computer makes and models, do your homework. The first thing you will notice as you start computer shopping is that the price of new computers has decreased. Many […]