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How to Read a Ruler

I know back in school, woodworks class to be more specific, measurements were the bane of my existence. I just wanted to cut things up and hammer, not really caring how they looked in the end. My woodworks teacher instilled long sessions drilling me on how to read a ruler and the golden rule of […]

How to Read a Tape Measure

One night, you hear a crash. Out you run into your spare room and see that your bookshelf has just collapsed. You decide then that instead of spending money on a cheap replacement only to have it break again, you’re going to build your own bookshelf out of some sturdy oak. Before getting into a […]

How to Convert Imperial to Metric

Wouldn’t life be more simple if every country used the same measurements? Unfortunately the US uses a different system from most other nations, and finding DIY plans or recipes that use imperial measurement means converting them to metric. The great news is that all measurements can be converted, usually without too much effort if we […]