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How to Call International Directory Assistance

If you need to get a hold of someone or a business that is located in another country, there are various ways to find the information. International Directory Assistance is one of them. International Directory Assistance uses speech recognition software to look up the telephone number for you by asking you “What country,” “What city” […]

How to Make an Untraceable Phone Call

Here are a few ways of making your next phone call untraceable. There is no true guarantee on these procedures, but these steps will create difficulties of people tracing the calls back to you. Please use this information in a constructive manner! Instructions Caller ID — the bane of telephones. This device will show your […]

How to Dial Internationally

Did you know that the number of international long distance calls from the United States has skyrocketed from only about 200 million a year to more than 6.2 billion per year over the past 20 years? With so many international calls being made on a regular basis, consumers need to have the best information on […]