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How to Build a Pool Deck

A pool without matching deck is just a pool, but add a deck with lounging area and the pool becomes a valuable asset, that improves livability and value of your property, and needn’t be all that difficult to construct for the home handyman. Pool deck plans that satisfy local building regulations are available free online […]

How to Build a Dog House

Building a dog house is a great way to reward a loved pet. It will give your dog a special place to relax and feel safe. It will provide shelter from the elements and your pooch will be the envy of the neighborhood! When designing the dog house, think of the size of your dog. […]

How to Build a Fire Escape

Escaping from a burning building is never going to be an easy task, even more so if you’re not on ground level, so building your own fire escape could be a life saver for loved ones, and gives great peace of mind that you’re more protected than just relying on a fire alarm. Making your […]