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How to Build a Deck Box

It’s nice to have a place to store unsightly items that are strewn about your yard, into some place that’s out of the way and out of sight. A deck box is the way to go. With a simple construction and a weatherproof cover, the deck box is a great way to keep outdoor items […]

How to Build Stairs

When building additions to your home or tree fort, something you may want to create are stairs. They can be various sizes and types, made from concrete, iron wrought and wood. The stairs I will describe for you will be made of wood and very simple to make. Required Materials/Tools 2×6″ lumber 2×12″ lumber Framing […]

How to Build a Fountain

A fountain can turn a beautiful garden into a soft quiet retreat. The sound of lapping water that draws birds to drink can bring one’s soul at ease. Fountains are a great addition to any home and garden. They can be found outdoors, in the front lawn or in the backyard. Installing one can be […]