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How to Build a Pool Deck

A pool without matching deck is just a pool, but add a deck with lounging area and the pool becomes a valuable asset, that improves livability and value of your property, and needn’t be all that difficult to construct for the home handyman. Pool deck plans that satisfy local building regulations are available free online […]

How to Build Deck Stairs

A deck without a set of stairs is an incomplete project, and with a decent plan any home DIY expert can read, why not build deck stairs yourself and save some money, and give yourself another project to show off. Deck stairs can sometimes take a fair bit of wear, and at times may need […]

How to Build a Deck

Something nice to do when it’s hot outside is to lounge on a deck. It is a nice retreat to hold events and dinners when you want a change of scenery. A deck will add value to your home and will impress your friends when you tell them how much it cost, and how easy […]