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How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

We all love to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, but why should you subject yourself to a 15 mile trek in the wilderness to some remote camp site? I can show you how to make a great brick fire pit that will be functional for cooking, as well as aesthetically pleasing to your home! This […]

How to Build a Fire Escape

Escaping from a burning building is never going to be an easy task, even more so if you’re not on ground level, so building your own fire escape could be a life saver for loved ones, and gives great peace of mind that you’re more protected than just relying on a fire alarm. Making your […]

How to Build a Fire

Ever since men began to walk, fire was the most important think to civilization. It cooked your food, smelted your metal, kept dangerous creatures at bay and harnessing fire changed the course of the word. Starting a fire can be done various ways. I will not go into how to get one started by rubbing […]