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How to Change Drum Brakes

If you have an old car, you know the best way to keep it running smoothly is by repetitive maintenance. Drum brakes are found in older model cars and are a cheaper alternative to replace them instead of upgrading to newer brake systems. Changing the brakes is fairly simple, and here’s what we do: Required […]

How to Read a Tape Measure

One night, you hear a crash. Out you run into your spare room and see that your bookshelf has just collapsed. You decide then that instead of spending money on a cheap replacement only to have it break again, you’re going to build your own bookshelf out of some sturdy oak. Before getting into a […]

How to Screen Print

Screen printing has been around since ancient China. It’s been used to print on various items such as CDs, t-shirts, metal, wood, billboards, magazines, and various others. Today we will go over how to create a screen printed t-shirt. With a little imagination, some minor cannibalization (not that kind), and some minor saturation, we can […]