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How to Build a Pool Deck

A pool without matching deck is just a pool, but add a deck with lounging area and the pool becomes a valuable asset, that improves livability and value of your property, and needn’t be all that difficult to construct for the home handyman. Pool deck plans that satisfy local building regulations are available free online […]

How to Build a Fountain

A fountain can turn a beautiful garden into a soft quiet retreat. The sound of lapping water that draws birds to drink can bring one’s soul at ease. Fountains are a great addition to any home and garden. They can be found outdoors, in the front lawn or in the backyard. Installing one can be […]

How to Build a Model Sailboat

Building a model sailboat can be a fun project. Hobby stores carry plenty of supplies and there are even contests and events you can take your creation to and compete against other sailboat enthusiasts. There are quite a few resources online that are made available to beginners. You can acquire plans online and at hobby […]