How to Be a Cheerleader

Any spectator that sees a halftime show may think that cheerleaders have it easy. They may feel that cheering takes no skill at all because the best cheerleaders make it all look effortless.

This is totally untrue. To the contrary, cheering takes a lot of effort. It’s important to know that cheerleaders give their all, and every routine gives you a small glimpse of their hard work.

To become a cheerleader you have to be cheerful. That’s a requirement. This is essential for cheering and working as a team. There’s nothing worst than having a team member with a spirit that’s totally the opposite of cheerful. Cheerleaders work together. A cheerful demeanor motivates and inspires others. This is needed in practice and during performances as well. You can’t get a crowd, or a team, into the a positive winning spirit without first presenting a positive spirit yourself. The “go-team-go” mantra is best led by someone that has the heart and the spirit of a champion.

You have to bring this spirit to the team in the form of cheering. The spotlight will shine, but it’s not always going to shine just for you. As a cheerleader a large majority of cheering is confined to group performance. Knowing how to get along with other cheerleaders really helps in this area. It brings out the best in others as well. Show that you’re not just concerned about getting a spotlight. You want the entire squad to shine. When this is felt through the team the motivation will go through the roof. And that, as mentioned earlier, is exactly the kind of excitement that is needed to pump up whoever the cheering is supposed to motivate.

If you’re still hanging around after hearing all of that, there’s a good chance that you are high spirited enough to get physical. There’s nothing worst than a cheerleader that’s afraid to move around. This is not the time to be shy. If you’re afraid to shake and move cheering may not be for you. You also have to be vocal, and you have to be active.

All of these things build you up and help you get yourself geared up for learning the cheers. You don’t have to remember the Gettysburg address, but it is good to have a slightly decent memory in order to learn and perform new cheers quickly. In the course of joining a squad there are cheers that are routine, but there are tons of new cheers that you can learn if your memory is good. Most of the time these are short two to four line cheers, but even this requires some memory.

Now by this point if you’ve meet the above requirements, it’s almost certain that cheering in something that you can do. So what’s stopping you? Well, if you want to become a cheerleader and you have the qualities listed above there’s still the small matter of trying out.

If you bring the optimistic spirit, a cheerful team player attitude, and a little fancy footwork you’ll be noticed easily. Let’s be honest though. Is being noticed really enough. Do you want to have someone say “not bad” only to be passed up by someone else that was great? No one wants that. That’s why you have to come up with a couple of catchy cheers. If you have a ounce of creativity in you this is the time to bring it forth and put it to work. There are some classic cheers that are great when you have nothing else under your hat, but some creative cheers may put you at the head of the squad. This makes the team strong.

Make your best effort to stretch and get limber before tryouts. Be absolutely certain that you can pull off the cheers that you have practiced. For example, don’t perform a routine that ends with a split if you have not perfected splits. Do the best you can with the skills you have. Project your voice in a way that is loud and effective. And if you don’t remember anything else please remember this: cheerleaders are cheerful. Smile your way through it and everything else will fall into place.  And most of all, enjoy the experience of cheerleading a crowd!

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