How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

We all love to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, but why should you subject yourself to a 15 mile trek in the wilderness to some remote camp site? I can show you how to make a great brick fire pit that will be functional for cooking, as well as aesthetically pleasing to your home!

This project should be done when it’s sunny outside. Before starting this project, consult the weather stations and see if it is going to rain. We will need a few days of good weather.

Required Materials

  • Bricks
  • 2×4″ pieces
  • Nails
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Cement (quick dry)
  • Mortar
  • Rebar
  • Grill bits

Required Tools

  • Trowel
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Wheel barrow
  • Level
  • String


  1. Look for where you want to put the fire pit. I would suggest away from trees or flammable brush. We want a nice fire, not a big fire. Nothing too close to trees or anything low hanging. It should be under the sky, not any eaves or overhangs.
  2. Now, after we have selected the site, dig down about 2-4 inches about the size of the pit. This is going to be your “fire pit pad”. Make sure the fire pit pad is level.
  3. Take our 2×4″ pieces out. These are going to be the walls of the pit. Cut them to size, so they can go around the pit you dug.
  4. Drill them together to form the perimeter of the fire pit.
  5. Take the cement and mix it.
  6. Pour the cement into place.
  7. To make it sturdier, take the rebar and place it into the cement. We want a grid formation. This will stabilize it and keep frost damage at bay.
  8. Mix the mortar, we want it consistent like whipped cream. (It will be slightly heavier). We don’t want it too thick or too thin.
  9. Start bricking up the fire pit. Take the mortar and slab it on one side of the brick. Set the first brick in the corner of the cement.
  10. Continue adding bricks. Make sure to get the side the bricks touch with mortar as well. We want the bricks even, so use a level to check your progress.
  11. When you start on the 2nd row, lay the first brick in between 2 bricks on the bottom. We don’t want 2 bricks to stack directly over one another.
  12. Take the grill bits and place them in the fire pit. We want it a few feet from the fire.
  13. This fire pit will be the life of the party for any occasion, grilling fresh hot dogs and hamburgers whenever you have company over. Remember it’s a good idea to hook up a fire extinguisher outside in case of emergencies. You can get them at any hardware stores. Be safe and have fun!

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