How to Build a Brick Wall

It takes more than just piling up materials to build a brick wall. If you want to do it correctly, you should consider the other aspects too.

Required Tools and Materials

Cement mix
Tape measure
Pen and paper for sketch designs

Decide on the Size

Go to the site where it is to be made. Use the tape measure to get an accurate size. Try to be as precise as possible so you can get the right amount of materials. Give some allowance for the total requirements; having reserve bricks is recommended.

Create the Base

Use a chalk to outline the total area. Shovel up the dirt and sod. Now get the cement mix and pour into the hole. Level it. Give it 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. When you build a brick wall you can’t neglect this aspect. The robustness of the wall depends on this foundation.

Note: use the rake to get rid of rocks and other debris in the area where you’re going to dig before pouring in cement.

Put the Bricks in Place

To keep the bricks from absorbing water from the ground, dampen them a little. If needed, mark the end lines of the structure so it stays aligned.

Start putting them in place from one corner. You can do it from the middle but it’s not practical. If you do it from the sides, it gets easier to gauge the distance from end point to end point. Do not leave any gaps between any blocks. Make certain that they are aligned correctly. Keep putting the blocks until you get to the halfway mark.

Add the Initial Layers

To build a brick wall properly, add the first layer when you have reached the halfway point of setting up the bricks. As you put each one, keep them as compact as possible. If there’s too much space between, the structure might crumble. Pour some mortar in between each block. This helps fortify the structure.

As you put in blocks, allow for some overlapping. This alignment is much better because it gives strength to each block. Putting them straight up does not provide the same support.

You just need to keep adding bricks this way. Overlap each one and put mortar in between. Use the tape measure to make sure that you build a brick wall with both sides aligned.


Do some research on the materials you are going to use. There are many types available and some are sturdier than others. The same research must be done with the cement mixes.

If the structure is going to be several feet high, use a ladder or scaffolding. Get someone to help you when you do this. Even if you put all the pieces in yourself, have someone watch over you when you’re up there.

Wear gloves when lifting these pieces. This way you can avoid blisters and other hand injuries.

Depending on the scale, trying to build a brick wall can take a while or just a few hours. But the process outlined is the same for either one. Just follow it and the work will be done accurately.

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