How to Build a Fountain

A fountain can turn a beautiful garden into a soft quiet retreat. The sound of lapping water that draws birds to drink can bring one’s soul at ease. Fountains are a great addition to any home and garden. They can be found outdoors, in the front lawn or in the backyard. Installing one can be tricky, but with a little ingenuity and some patience, you will have a beautiful work of art that will increase the value of your home, and bring a calm serenity to your yard.

Required Materials

  • 3 pottery jugs
  • Water pump
  • Sand
  • Mortar
  • Bricks
  • Rubber lining (this needs to be specific for “ponds”)
  • A copper support pipe

Required Tools

  • Shovel
  • Electric drill


  1. We need to first dig a basin in the ground about 4x6ft.
  2. After the basin is dug, dig a round hole about 1ft deep and the width of a jug.
  3. Lay sand on the bottom of the basin to smooth it out.
  4. Take the rubber lining and lay it out across the bottom.
  5. We now need to place some rocks in the corners of the basin to hold the plastic down.
  6. Drill holes in the bottom of the planters.
  7. Place bricks vertically where the planters will go, this will protect the hose.
  8. Dig into the side and place the jugs inside at an angle. Use the mortar to secure it.
  9. Let it dry.
  10. Place some rocks around the planters.
  11. Install the copper pipe on the upper side of the basin where we put the bricks. Cover it with mortar and stones to hide it.
  12. Put the tube through the hole at the bottom of the jug. Use the coupling to screw it to the jug.
  13. Use the rubber tube that came with the water pump and affix it to one side of the water pump, take the other end and slide it through the hole in the tilted jug.
  14. Position the other 2 planters.
  15. Fill the area with water and turn on the pump!


  • The ideal pump would be one that produces about 300 gallons of water an hour.
  • Decorate the 2 other jugs with flowers!
  • Take some silicon and seal the water tube to keep it from leaking.
  • If the black liner is sticking out, cover it with rocks and mortar.
  • Check to see if the pump is shock safe.
  • Double check and make sure jugs are planted safely. We want to keep them firm so they don’t tip over.

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