How to Build a Log Cabin

Log cabins have definitely made a comeback in today’s energy-aware world. Any design is possible and the project is easy for an experienced do-it-yourself person. The basics are simple, and the finishing touches can be left to your imagination.

Required Materials/Tools

  • Logs
  • 2×4″ stock
  • Insulation material
  • Spikes
  • Chainsaw
  • Grabbers
  • Sledge hammer
  • Nails and screws
  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Drill with full bit set
  • Crane
  • Level


  1. Just as every house needs a good plan and foundation, your log cabin too needs them. You need to mark out the area of the home.
  2. Dig out the foundation and pour cement into the area.
  3. Add rebar to the mix to give it added stability and support. Make sure to place rebar about 6″-8″ out of the cement in the corners for wall supports.
  4. Affix the plumbing and other conduits.
  5. Make sure when finished, everything is inspected and approved.
  6. Choose logs from companies that specialize in log cabins. If you are going to a lot and picking the logs, look for a consistent diameter. Decide how you want the logs to be cut and make a list. Give this to the lumber mill to cut to the proper size.
  7. When the logs arrive, you need to notch them at the ends. Use a chainsaw to do this. These notches are there to hold the logs together before adding the pitch to the house.
  8. When you reach the windows and the door area on the house, be sure to allow for correct height and width. Ensure the wood is level and cut sideways sections to accommodate the windows and doors.
  9. When building up with the logs, you need to keep pace with the interior walls. You should spray some expanding insulating foam between the logs and the wall panels.
  10. You then need to finish the walls. This will help to add cabinets and other items you wish to attach to the walls of your home. Nail up any pictures you want to add.
  11. It will help if you order a kit to help in building a log cabin. Online resources on kits can help.

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