How to Build a Pitching Mound

If you want to work on your fast ball, or fine tune your curve, you need a regulation pitching mound! A pitching mound is more than a pile of dirt, there is an exact science to the placement of the soil. The mound is 10 and 1/2″ in height and 18 feet in diameter. After acquiring the proper materials, you can get to work building the mound and start pitching into the majors!

Required Tools/Materials

  • A rubber mat (24″ long and 6″ wide)
  • Silt
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Rake
  • Roller press
  • Stakes
  • String
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow


  1. We need to first get the soil ready to make the mound. We are going to layer material down one inch at a time. Use a measuring container and mix equal parts of sand and clay.
  2. We now need to cover an 18′ diameter with the mixture we just made. Use a roller press to firm up the soil until its 1″ in height.
  3. We are going to stake out the layers. From the edge of the circle, put a stake 10 feet in. Tie a string around the stake and measure 17′ of string. Tie the end to another stake and walk in a circle, using the stake to draw a 10′ diameter. Fill the circle with dirt and pack it in till its 1″ high.
  4. Continue with this technique but subtract a foot of string. The back of the mound will slope greater than the front. The mound will be 10 feet above ground level and 18 feet in diameter.
  5. We need to place the final layer down. Measure 10ft 6in from the front of the mound and place the stake here. Measure 5ft to the back of the mound and place another stake. Place 4 stakes to the left side at the edge of the top layer of the mound. Do the same to the right side as well.
  6. Use the soil material and lay out 1/2in of soil. Roll the soil until firm.
  7. When you are finished, you will have a plateau that is 5′ wide and 10 1/2″ from the ground. It will then slope at a rate of one inch per foot.
  8. Mark the centre of the mound with a stake and measure 2′ from the front of the mound. Place the front of the pitching mound rubber at this place and roll it back to the edge of the stake.

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