How to Build a Pool Deck

A pool without matching deck is just a pool, but add a deck with lounging area and the pool becomes a valuable asset, that improves livability and value of your property, and needn’t be all that difficult to construct for the home handyman.

Pool deck plans that satisfy local building regulations are available free online or from your local hardware store, making the job of constructing them easier. Simply check with your local building inspector that they have no objections then get started.

You’ll need to measure your pool area, and clear away any obstructions around it, then determine how much walking width you want around the pool, at least wide enough for two people to pass each other is better.

Typically your pool deck plan will call for posts spaced quite close together, as frequently as 40″, and most pools sit as high off the ground, although on sloping ground this could vary up or down a bit.

It’s a good idea to mark the ground where the deck will be using spray paint or colored line and stakes, and then calculate the amount of timber you’re going to need. While you’re measuring, dig post holes or stake them out so that you don’t have to re-measure after the supplies arrive.

Building a deck pool isn’t a job for just one person, even with pre-cutting and a steady hand, the slightest slip could pierce the pool liner, so always make sure an extra set of hands is available to help.

Installing the posts and buttressing them together to prevent warping is necessary with pool decks, the pool is quite rigid and not strong enough to support the weight of a deck that leans onto it.

Similarly, leaving a slight gap between stringers an the pool, and between deck boards and the lip of the pool is a good idea, and avoids cracking at the top of the pool.

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