How to Build a Putting Green

Everyone wants to be as great as Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus. The best way to improve your short game is to have a putting green of your own. It takes some time and effort to properly build and maintain a perfect putting green. Make sure to start your project on a sunny day. You wouldn’t want to do landscaping in the rain!

Required Materials

  • Seed (ask your local plant supplier which is best for the green)
  • Fill
  • Various lawn-care products (you can look online to check what will be best for your new green)
  • Irrigation tubing
  • Shovel
  • Metal rake
  • Hose
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Soil removal equipment


  1. You first need to decide where the green will go. Be sure it is off to the side and avoid places where a lot of people walk. You don’t want the green to be trampled. Mark off the area you wish to put the green. Try and imagine the design, give it a real feel by including some irregular surfaces, have it dip slightly to the left or slant at an angle.
  2. Now you need to dig out the area you marked off, get rid of any poor soil and lumps, rocks and roots with your shove. You will be creating the obstacles when you put in your clean soil.
  3. Lay the soil out. Put down 1 inch thick bed of the fresh and clean soil you purchased. Other people start with a bed of sand to help with drainage. You need to add the topsoil now. Be sure to remove clumps of dirt. Contour the area the way you planned. The soil will settle over time, so any features need to be slightly bigger than necessary.
  4. Now it should be time to lay out some irrigation tubing. Use a system from your home or build one from scratch. Look up how it can be done; it isn’t too difficult. The irrigation is what is going to make a successful putting green. If you are really serious, hire a professional installer to install the system.
  5. Plant the grass and allow it to grow. Grass takes consistent care, so be sure to water it every day at the same time.
  6. Wait until the grass is ready and at the perfect height. Now, take the first put!


  • To take care of the grass, you need to get the proper equipment. The care is much different than the care of your front lawn. Even the mower you use is different.

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