How to Build a Raft

It’s nice to go out and have a relaxing day on the river. Some people like to spend it on the water fishing. The best way to do this is to build a raft. There are kits and fully formed rafts that you can purchase. If you want to go out and fish in a custom raft, read on. You’ll be floating along in no time!

Required Materials

  • Marine foam
  • 2×10″ pressure-treated lumber
  • Bolts
  • Ratchet
  • Screws
  • Decking
  • Knife
  • Circular saw/table saw
  • Drill with full bit set
  • Hammer


  1. The two most important things to consider when building the raft, are size and weight. You must be sure it’s big enough to be transported easily. The techniques for building them are the same.
  2. Draw the layout of the raft. The bigger the raft the more stable it will be, Buy all the materials and get them ready.
  3. The raft we’re going to make is 15×15′. Cut eight 2×10″ in half. Attach these boards to eight 2×10″ full boards with 2×4″ blocking.
  4. Now go to the water to finish construction.
  5. Take the treated 2×4″ blocking and attach sideboards to them at the third and middle positions of the raft. In doing this, you will have made a two board wall with 1″ space between.
  6. Now attach the four sidewalls with blocking and screws.
  7. Take the corner blockings and number them, screw them in when they are numbered.
  8. Take the floor joists and cut to a 7′ length.
  9. Take a 2×10″ board and attach it across the bottom, from center to center.
  10. Continue to attach floor joists as needed.
  11. Use the marine foam to fill the spaces between floor joists. Marine foam is the best in this situation, though other foams are available. You can also use “floaties”.
  12. To shape foam products, use a knife or a hot wire.
  13. When finished with the frame of the raft, you can build a deck on it!


    • Place deck boards across the top. Sand and apply water sealant onto the wood to prevent water damage and warping.
    • You can even add hand rails and a step later to get onto the floating raft.
    • Keep an anchor aboard and tied to the raft if you want to stall it in the river.
    • You can also add a motor to get the raft moving.
    • Remember, safety first! Always have a life jacket around in case of an accident. Once you are ready with the raft and have taken the necessary precautions, it’s time to set out, catch a few trout and enjoy the breeze.

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