How to Build a Seesaw

A seesaw is a great, fun project to create for your child. You can place seesaws in relatively small spaces and set them up pretty quickly. Your children will have many fond memories of playing with the seesaw!

Required Materials/Tools

  • Metal tubing or 2×8″ stock and post stock
  • 10+’ metal perforated strap
  • Bolts
  • Spirit Level
  • Tape measure
  • Plain cement
  • Padding
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Post anchors
  • U-clamp
  • Wood
  • Shovel
  • Hammer


  1. You will first need to prepare the foundation for the seesaw. Find a level space and lay out the length of the see saw. Find the middle ground for the two foundation holes. They need to be around four feet deep and one foot wide. Be sure you dig deeper if you are in a frost zone (about 6 feet).
  2. Place concrete tubes into the holes. The tubes should be about 3 inches below the level of the ground.
  3. Attach an anchor to keep vertical posts.
  4. You can make two types of systems. One is a U-post system; this is one long post that is bent like a U shape. Each end will go into the holes. The other system is to have 2 posts and a metal bar cross between them.
  5. If you are using the U-post system, sink the posts into the holes and cement them well.
  6. For the other square-like arrangement, sink the two posts and attach the metal center bar between the two posts and bolt the three pieces firmly together.
  7. Figure the size of the lever, both wood and metal are fine. When using wood, be sure you bolt it to a metal strip along the underside to give it rigidity.
  8. Drill holes for the seats in both ends. Be sure to include a cross support for the seat attachment if you use wood.
  9. Use a U-clamp to attach the levers to the centerpiece.
  10. Add some padding to the seat area, either cushion or foam. Use vinyl and staple the square piece over the cushioning area on the seat.
  11. Add some handles in the lever arm by drilling a hole about 24″ from the end of the lever.
  12. Screw a vertical shaft to the lever and attach a cross member for the rider to hold.
  13. Sand down the setup and then paint it. Make sure to use all weather paint or some wood sealant.


  • Ensure that the cement dries and sets completely before additional work is carried out.
  • Be sure to test the seesaw thoroughly before letting children play.

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