How to Build a Spa Deck

A spa deck is usually placed in the backyard to add a nice relaxing area and give you a place to hold gatherings. Make sure the materials will be able to hold the weight of the water and the spa itself. When getting everything together, don’t forget that you are building a spa as well as a deck. You will need to get the proper chlorine and chemicals needed to put in the water. Go to your local spa store and look into possible designs for the space you have allocated for the spa deck.

Required Materials/Tools

  • The spa
  • Edge bar
  • Joist hangers
  • Pier blocks
  • Hammer and nails
  • Lattice paneling material
  • Deck boards
  • Floor joist boards
  • Edge band support boards
  • Waterproof wood sealant
  • Chalk line
  • Spirit level
  • Skill saw
  • Chop saw
  • Framing nail gun


  1. You need to check with your housing authority and get the proper permits.
  2. You first need to figure out the height of the spa deck. Calculate the design of the deck and collect the materials.
  3. Now you need to lay out the pier blocks. They should not be more than 4 feet apart.
  4. Cut a post to the desired height of the spa deck. Install them to the specified designs.
  5. Use a hammer and nail to affix the floor joist. The deck boards need to be shaped to length before affixing to the floor joist.
  6. Use two 3-inch screws to tighten the floor joists. Lattice paneling will be added as the skirting.
  7. Seal the deck with waterproof sealants.
  8. Shape the deck board to the length needed, and then fix each floor joist with the help of a nail.
  9. Use 2-3″ screws to tighten the floor joists and use lattice paneling to provide skirting.
  10. Now you can seal the deck using waterproof sealants.


  • Do not use any other material than pressure-treated wood.
  • Make sure the pier blocks are firm in the ground. This is to avoid sagging.
  • Before you install the deck boards, check the level of the edge bands and the pier block.
  • Use screws to support the deck boards and floor joists. If you use nails, they may become loose after some time.
  • Apply sealant once or twice every year.
  • Before installing the deck boards check the level of the pier block and edge bands.
  • Use screws to support the deck boards and floor joists. If you use nails, they will loosen themselves from the boards over time.
  • Apply sealant once a year.
  • Make sure to add the proper chlorine and chemicals so the water does not go stagnant. Clean the spa according to the directions and change the filters as well.
  • Be sure to wear protective gear when cutting your lumber.

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