How to Build Deck Stairs

A deck without a set of stairs is an incomplete project, and with a decent plan any home DIY expert can read, why not build deck stairs yourself and save some money, and give yourself another project to show off.

Deck stairs can sometimes take a fair bit of wear, and at times may need to be strong enough to support the weight of several people, think family photographs on the back deck, so making sure the edge of the deck itself can support the weight of the steps is important.

Begin by working out the width of the stairs, and marking out on the edge of the deck where the stringers will be attached. Consider the rise between each step, and then divide the height of the deck platform by this to get the number of steps you’re going to need. Make sure the ground is either cleared or built up so that the bottom step isn’t too short or too high.

Your next step involves staking and stringing to get a clear idea of where your posts are going to need to be positioned. Posts of 4×4 are recommended, and can be placed using anodized U-shape post supports concreted into the ground.

Once your posts are erected, measure and then cut to length stringers made from 2×10 or 2×12 timber, and simply cut the ends square. Mark the position of your steps, and attach metal angle brackets for the steps, then bolt the stringers to the deck using joist hangers, and to the posts with bolts and washers.

Now cut and position the stair treads, and attach using outdoor wood screws from the angle bracket into the bottom of the tread. A simple railing can be built by screwing 6×1 timber directly to the posts, and finished with capping that slots directly onto the rail.

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