How to Call Forward

Have you ever been on vacation, but don’t want to miss your phone calls? How about getting a new cell phone and you want to arrange all of your home calls to be routed to the phone you have on you? There is a feature that is available today that is called CALL FORWARDING! Call forwarding can be achieved in many ways. It depends on your home country, since mine is the USA I will be giving instructions on how to do it from here.

Your telephone service has multiple options on how to forward your calls. Most of them will be listed in the manual you get when you start new service, online at the website, or if you call customer service, a nice friendly voice will tell you what you need to do.



Forward Calls from Certain People

Let’s say you want only your mom, girlfriend, and brother to always be able to get a hold of you no matter what. Pick up your main phone and dial *63. This sets up the feature. To add the numbers of your mom, girlfriend, and brother, after you dial *63 press the # key and dial their numbers (one at a time). At the end of the first sequence of numbers press # again to add them to the list. Repeat as necessary.

Forward Calls When the Line is Busy

Now let’s talk about forwarding calls when your line is busy. We have the main phone in you are on all the time doing business. You don’t want to miss a call and so you have a cell phone as a backup. You want the cell phone to ring, alerting you that you have another call, along with the ability to identify who is calling. This feature will be less used, now that there is call waiting and voice mail. It’s fairly simple to do: dial *68 and then the phone number you want the calls to be forwarded too. To deactivate it, dial *88.

Forward Calls Continually

If you are on vacation, but want to keep all calls from your home to go to your cell phone, no matter what, the procedure is quite simple. Dial *72 when you leave! When you get back and want the calls to resume normally, dial *73.

Understand that all calls are subjected to long distance and roaming charges. If you are in another country, I would suggest for you to contact your local telephone company and get the information sent to you. The information is free and easy to access. This can also be accessed through your provider’s website.

Call forwarding with cell phones can be achieved in the options menu as well. You can add and edit the lists through the user interface.

Call forwarding will not negate the system and is not a loop hole to get around long distance. I hope this helped and may all your calls be forwarded with success!

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