How to Call International Directory Assistance

If you need to get a hold of someone or a business that is located in another country, there are various ways to find the information. International Directory Assistance is one of them. International Directory Assistance uses speech recognition software to look up the telephone number for you by asking you “What country,” “What city” and “What listing”. It will then proceed to dial the number for you. This usually has a charge, and it being an international call, will be more expensive than dialing Directory Assistance in the local country of origin.

There are a couple of different ways to get a hold of International Directory Assistance. Both of these methods shown will get you to the same system, so don’t worry about which one you try.



Direct Dialing

  1. The phone number for International Directory Assistance is 1-800-225-5288. Wait for the prompts and listen to the recording.
  2. During the recording, dial 21.
  3. Next, listen to the prompts and press 0.
  4. Then when you’re asked, tell them you need International Directory Assistance.
  5. When you get to the International Directory Assistance, follow the recording prompts to get the number you need.

Operator Assisted

  1. Dial 00. This should get you to a prompt. Listen to the options and request International Directory Assistance.
  2. Relay to them the “country,” “city”, and “listing” as the recording requests.
  3. It will look up the number and read it back to you.
  4. For an additional fee, it will dial the number for you.


  • When dialing internationally, you need to be patient. It can take up to 60 seconds to connect and hear a dial tone.
  • It will cost more money to have International Directory Assistance dial the call for you. When dialing, be sure to have a paper and pencil ready to write down the number.
  • Rates are different for calls from other countries. Double check the rates before dialing; you don’t want to be surprised when you get your next bill!
  • You can use phone cards to dial the International Directory Assistance number, but they may charge the fee out of the account.
  • If the computer does not find the number, a live operator will answer and further assist you.
  • International Directory Assistance can be used to locate addresses as well.
  • There is a reverse look up feature with International Directory Assistance that gives you the ability to do a search from a phone number to get the address and name.

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