How to Clean Fuel Injectors

It’s great to feel the speed of a high performance car under your control. If you are a huge car nut, then typical car maintenance is something you should learn. Not only will it give you a better appreciation of your car, but save you a few dollars as well; which you can put towards new rims for your car! We will discuss how to clean the fuel injectors on your car.

Required Materials/Tools

  • Fuel injection cleaner
  • A screwdriver that fits the fuel injector pump
  • An adjustable wrench


  1. Read the manual and go over the layout of the fuel injector. Identify the fuel pump and the components.
  2. Check to make sure you have proper tools for the job. Usually a screw driver and a wrench are needed.
  3. First we need to disconnect the fuel pump from the fuel injector. The instructions for this are in your manual. Please make sure the injector has no exposure to gas before you attach the cleaner since it is flammable.
  4. Open the gas tank. The cleaning uses high pressure, so we need to keep it open to avoid combustion.
  5. Read the cleaner instructions. Turn on the car and run the car engine for as long as it says. This is about 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. When finished, remove the cleaner and reattach the fuel pump. Refer to manual if unsure how to do it. If you don’t have the instruction book, check your library for the car manual.
  7. Close the gas cap. Restart the engine. Listen for any abnormalities.
  8. Take your car on a test drive. Listen for abnormal noises and check how smooth it runs. Don’t drive to far in case any issues come up, we don’t want to have to tow your car too far if it goes out.
  9. If it’s still not running smoothly, go and take it out to a certified mechanic. They can use other techniques to fully clean out blockages.

When doing self maintenance can be good or it can be bad. If you do it wrong, you may end up causing more harm to your car than good. If you get experienced at home auto repair, it will be cost effective in the long run. When you get better at home auto repair, your friends and family will eventually call on you for help with their cars! This is a great way to make some money under the table since you can charge half the cost of normal labor! Since gas prices are going up, everyone can use any chance to save money in the long run. Now all that’s left is to have fun and drive safe.

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