How to Decorate Your New House

You are about to move into your new house, and you love everything about it, the location, floor plan and the garden. Yet the decor is enough to stop you in your tracks and question if this was a wise investment. Fortunately, decorating a new house need not be difficult. It is truly amazing, what fresh paint on the walls and ceilings, or new handles on cupboards and doors can do to transform someone else’s disaster into your dream home.

Suggestions to Decorate Your New House

  • To decorate your new house, start with the main rooms where you are likely to be, most of the time. Typically these will include the living room, kitchen and probably the master bedroom. Hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms and guest bedrooms can wait for now.
  • If you can, do the first decorating projects before moving in, quickly repainting the walls won’t take long. This will dry within a day, and at least when you move your furniture into the room, you won’t have to move it again until you are really fired up about finishing the job.
  • Other easy projects that transform rooms are the installation of new closets and floor to ceiling wardrobes, most of which can even be installed by home DIY enthusiasts. Hanging a rug on the wall instantly changes the appearance of a room because rugs are so noticeable they tend to disguise other imperfections.
  • Problem areas that require more planning are bathrooms, kitchens and walls, none of which can be redecorated or moved without first checking your local planning regulations. Even then, decorating the bathroom or kitchen in your new house will most likely involve consulting an expert.
  • If your bathroom or kitchen just needs a spruce up, try scraping out old grout between tiles, and replacing it with a color of your choice, or fix a new splash back above kitchen work surfaces. Replacing toilet seats and towel rails is another easy project when decorating your new house.

Use the above mentioned suggestions to create your very own home. Your personal touch is bound to transform a mere house into a warm and welcoming home.

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