How to Grow Climbers

There is a real art to gardening especially when you need to know how to grow climbers in a specific direction to cover an unsightly brick wall or to make it scale up the side of a building.

To understand how to grow climbers you first need to know a little bit about the plant, its growth characteristics, and the situation where it will thrive best. Knowing these characteristics allows you to choose the right plant for your garden.

Climbers grow in two directions only, either horizontally or vertically, and require supports that mimic their direction of growth. Be sure to use a strong enough support, some climbers will place significant strain on buildings and support structures.

Sticker and stem root climbers have their own adhesive qualities therefore don’t require a climbing support, and sticker varieties aren’t as invasive as the stem root variety. Stem root climbers have been known to damage the sides of buildings, either removing paint or causing structural damage.

Climbers that twine are known as Twiners and prefer to grow vertically by twisting around their support, they will happily grow against a simple post, trellis or large gazebo like structure.

Scramblers on the other hand need a helping hand by being tied to something to train them up a wall or frame. These climbers can also be pruned back and trained to grow in a particular way.

Tendril climbers need a some type of support like a wire fence so they can wrap their curly tendrils around to fix themselves firmly into place. Tendril climbers can also grow quite rapidly and you’ll need to keep them under control.

With five different growing characteristics, endless possibilities for choosing the right climber exist, and having chosen the type of climber you prefer, your next step is to pick the variety, will it be evergreen or deciduous, will it flower, or be aromatic.

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