How to Paint a Dog House

If you have a dog that spends time outdoors, chances are you have a dog house that suffers the worst the weather can throw at it. A quick DIY project you can do over a weekend is to paint your dog house.

Whenever outdoor furniture and small structures need painting, it’s a good idea to give them a thorough inspection first, looking for paint that has flaked, nails that need punching back in, and general dirt that will prevent new paint from adhering correctly.

All nails that can be neatly hammered back in place should be, those that need replacing might need to be relocated just a little, and the hole that is left over filled. If your dog house was assembled using screws instead, make sure they’re all tight and aren’t rusting.

Old paint that is flaking needs to be scraped or sanded off, use a piece of sandpaper on a block, or an electric sanding machine on a medium setting, you’ll probably want to use 180 grit paper, or even 240 grit if the paint isn’t thick. Be sure to sand the surrounding area as well to smooth out the differences between painted and unpainted areas.

If the dog house is dirty it will need to be cleaned to prepare the surface for the new paint, and whilst hot soapy water works well, in some instances you may need to use white spirit or mineral turpentine for removing grease or oil, and other substances stuck to the dog house timber.

Any exposed timber should be coated with an acrylics sealer before the top coat is applied. Sealer is slightly absorbed by the timber and allows the top coat to go on smoothly without sinking into the timber. Finally, apply your top coat and allow to dry, you’ve successfully painted your dog house.

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