How to Repair Window Blinds

With the right instructions, anyone can learn how to repair window blinds. Since these blinds are used a lot, it helps to know how to fix them in case something does go wrong.

Step 1

Set the blinds down. Set the slats to open using the wand.

Step 2

Take the blind from the brackets and set it aside. Now you can proceed with the repairs.

Step 3

Take out the bottom rail cover and the end caps. You will see the clips that hold the lift cord ends. You will also see string ladders or ladder tape.

Step 4

If the ladders are going to be replaced, disconnect first. If not, the two lift cord ends can be disconnected. They are either tied or clipped by the rail.

Step 5

Now the lift cords have to be pulled from the slats. Pull as much as required so the broken slats can be removed. The new ones can be fed to the ladders. To secure on the bottom rail, thread the cords down. When studying how to repair window blinds, this is a vital skill. Now put in the end caps and cover.

Step 6

If the lift cords or ladders have to be replaced, the cords have to be pulled to the head box.

Step 7

The ladders can be replaced by first disconnecting them from the head box tilt tube. Now slide it from the slat sides. The slats have to be placed in the new ladders.

Step 8

Connect the ladders to the bottom rail and tilt tube.

Step 9

Thread the lift cords in the slats, alternating between the ladder rungs. When you get to the bottom rail, secure them.

Replacing Lift Cords

Pull both ends to the head box. Pull them over the pulleys and out. You should have a sketch as a guide. Or you can use another blind as a guide. Feed new lift cord ends to the head box. Feed over the first pulley.

Place one end over the succeeding pulley; the other end should be along the head box to pulley on the far side. The cords should be fed down the slats. Secure at the bottom rail. Install the end caps or covers. Now you can hang the blinds and have the bottom rail leveled.

Knowing how to repair window blinds is definitely handy. However, you should only do this when the warranty has expired. Check the warranty card that came with the product.

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