How to Unlock MySpace

Are you having problems accessing MySpace on a public or work computer? Have no fear, there is a simple and easy way to unlock and access your favorite social website. In a few short steps, you’ll be surfing MySpace profiles and band pages in no time.

Many public and work computers use a filtering system to block access to MySpace (and many other popular social sites on the Internet). This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are trying to access MySpace during breaks, lunch periods, or other downtimes. “nbsp;

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be browsing MySpace in no time.

Visit what is called a “proxy topsite.” A proxy topsite contains a list (that is frequently updated) of proxy sites, updated directly by the proxy owners.

Some proxies, similarly to MySpace, will also be blocked by your filter. Because of this, I recommend ordering the list by “New Proxies.” Generally, the first proxy on the list will not yet have been blocked by the filter (as it may only be 5 minutes old).

Enter “” into the proxy website’s form input area, and click “go.” You will be taken to MySpace, but you will notice that something is different. On top of the MySpace home page, you will notice a surfing bar. This bar is used by the proxy website to fool your school or work’s filtering system into thinking that you’re not at MySpace.

This surfing bar serves a second purpose. It allows you to surf other filtered websites without having to head back to the original proxy homepage.

Sounds easy? It is. Bypassing your school or work’s filtering system, and unlocking MySpace shouldn’t take you more then 30 seconds. Happy surfing!

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