How to Write a Business Letter

Beginning a career means producing effective written communication on a daily basis. Even college students need to write pieces of professional communication whether it may be internship applications, job applications, resumes, faxes and emails to professors. Even though most letters, memos, emails, and faxes are short pieces of writing, they still require careful prewriting and planning, drafting revising and correcting. The formal business letter is composed of five main parts the heading, date, the opening, body and closing.

Required Materials

  • Printer Paper

Required Tool

  • Printer
  • Word Processor Software
  • A Computer


  1. If not using a preprinted letterhead type name, title and return address four to six lines from the top of the page.
  2. Starting on the left start two to four lines from the heading type the date three is norm in many cases.
  3. Choose your alignment left aligned or justified on both sides.
  4. Skip two lines and type the recipient’s full name precede with Mr. or Mrs. if known business name and address
  5. Skip two to four lines and begin your greeting if the person is unknown Dear: Sir/Madam is acceptable
  6. Skip two lines and begin your letter introducing yourself if you are not known to the person.
  7. Continue with the body of the letter stating your intentions. Be as brief and concise as possible
  8. Skip two to four lines and conclude your letter with one of Sincerely Yours or Yours Truly.
  9. Leave a couple lines for your signature and then type your name and title sign the letter in the space created.


  • Be sure to check to see to see that your grammar is correct, if this business letter s for a job application, then you certainly don’t want to have any grammar or spelling errors.
  • Choosing to use the full block format is really a good decision, as it as a elegant appeal.

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